Play Arcade Video Games

When players think of arcade games, they often remember active arcades where coin-op games were offered. These types of games were the forerunners for video game consoles that are enjoyed today and there are many popular arcade games that have been turned into video games and even games that can be played online. Retro games are very popular with gamers and these games were based on these old arcade games that were found in restaurants and arcade parlors. Today, players can enjoy arcade video games at home and on mobile devices, offering a great way to engage in themed games such as driving titles, adventure games, sports games and much more. Arcade games remain a popular genre for gamers all over the world and with many top-rated arcade video games on the market and being created, there are many options and opportunities to enjoy some of the best games ever developed. Even online casinos adapted them to their program, so players can enjoy the best arcade video games with attractive no deposit bonuses to start off their real-money adventure.

The Development of Arcade Video Games

Arcade games started to become very popular in the 1960s and over the years, major companies turned popular arcade games into video games that could be enjoyed at home. The first mass manufactured arcade video game was offered in 1971 when Nolan Bushnell created Computer Space. In 1972, Atari entered the scene and created the video game industry with the release of Pong. This was the first successful arcade video game to ever be created and it paved the road for the thousands of games to follow. A few years later, Space Invaders became a blockbuster arcade video game and that started the Golden Age of video gaming. With the huge success of Space Invaders, arcade video games started to become hugely popular and players saw the release of popular arcade games like Pac-Man, Galaxian, Defender and Bosconian.

In the late 70s and early 80s, major chains like Ground Round, Chuck E. Cheese's and Dave and Busters started to offer a restaurant experience with arcade action. By the time the late 80s rolled around, the arcade video game industry was booming and attracted millions of gamers. The craze started to wane when home video game consoles were introduced and by 1991, the arcade video game industry started to lose revenue.

In the years to come, players would see the development and release of many home video game consoles such as Sega and Nintendo. The video games that were offered presented 3D graphics and there were some amazing games developed that spanned many genres such as action games, card games and even casino-style games that could be played right at home. Even with consoles being used, arcade video games remained popular at parlors and restaurants and in 1991, the arcade industry enjoyed a bot of a boost when Street Fighter II was released. This was one of the most popular fighting games ever created and the title enjoyed huge success. Soon after, a wave of fighting games entered the market like Mortal Kombat, Pit-Fighter and Killer Instinct. Sega was the first to pioneer a 3D gaming experience and over the years, created many top-selling titles for those that love the thrills of arcade video games. True 3D graphics were offered in the 1990s with popular consoles like Sega Saturn, Nintendo 64 and PlayStation. Unfortunately, the popularity of these consoles led to the decline in arcade video games at land locations.

Today, many arcade style games are played at home on a PC or a gaming console and there are also many apps that can be used on mobile devices. Arcade video games are always a top choice for players and with so many types of games being created, there are endless selections available.

Types of Arcade Games

Players will find a huge assortment of arcade video games that can be played and there are many genres that will appeal to players. Many appreciate a role-playing game where they will become a character in the game and perform special actions, have special powers and compete to be the winner. There are also driving themed games, games that are based on health and beauty and even arcade games that are based on popular board games. No matter what type of game a player is seeking, they will be able to engage in exciting arcade action with some of the best titles. Many of these can be found online for free, so it is easy to get started with great games that can provide hours of entertainment and fun-filled gaming action.

Skill Based Arcade Games

A number of the popular arcade games that are played today will require some type of skill for players to possess to win the game. Skill-based arcade video games are pretty exciting and players can enjoy many hours of gaming. There are hundreds of skill games that can be played online for free. Based on the genre of the game selected, players will use a variety of skills that can include problem solving, quick thinking, hand-eye coordination, team playing and more. By using skills, players can achieve higher levels in arcade games and will have more chances to win. These types of games are very addicting and can even be played on a variety of mobile devices. Some land-based arcades will also have skill-based games in addition to other popular arcade games like shooter games, sports selections, fighting games and many others.